Business Strategy Plan

CONGRATULATIONS! By getting to this page, you have shown that you are willing to take action. This page is not available to everybody, and it’s all about taking action on your business…

Business Safety Action Plan

Audit often sounds like an awful procedure. After an audit you’d usually expect to feel vulnerable, confused and maybe abused!

At Safety Hub we call our Audits “Action Plans” – because at the end you’ve got not only a plan, but a strategy.

So let’s talk strategy

You’re probably spending a good chunk of change each month on safety. This may include equipment, training and assigning someone in your team to take care of safety.

It can be better. Much better.

Enter the Safety Hub action plan. A step-by-step strategic plan that dives into your business safety profile. I find out what is working and what isn’t working. And then map a plan so you are not only compliant with the new safety laws, but use the safety strategy to protect and grow your business.

(WARNING: This in NOT for people who are not ready to take action. If you always thought one day you’d get your safety sorted out properly, now is the perfect time. Don’t get caught out by the new safety laws.)

Confidentiality. These questions are solely used to help assess your business. They are not shared with anyone outside of Safety Hub, ever. I can only make an assessment based upon the facts you provide. And I only use the answers below and in our phone meeting to deliver the best plan possible.


Tony Collins

PS Once we have your answers, I’ll send a link to my online booking calendar. Take action now because as you will see in the calendar, if you delay you may be waiting a while for the next opening.

7 Questions for our Strategy Session

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