Sex and Safety At Work

A business selling sex a mile in the air has been grounded for safety reasons. For the last couple of years a UK airline which allows couples to join the Mile High Club has been grounded after health and safety officials ruled the in-flight action was “too distracting” for its pilots.

Safety is often used in many situations as the reason for stopping activities. From banning lollie scrambles for kids, to rules for customers when visiting a business – or banning activities on a aircraft. How is what happens on this business venture any different then what happens in commercial leased business jets? Security rules now mean there has to be a partition between passengers and aircrew. Surely this would have mitigated the distraction, unless pilot’s were turning into Mile High Peeping Toms.

When dealing with safety it is important to separate business, political, cost motivations etc and start with the hazard and risk. Be scientific with your analysis when looking at your own business. What this airline now needs to do is conduct a risk management identify mitigation before reapplying to the CAA. Of course, it would have been more prudent to have conducted this work earlier which could have prevented the business being shut down.