In your business, it can be the obvious things like ladder safety that catch you out. In the UK alone an average of 12 people die every year in workplaces, let alone what happens in the home. This example is one of many that occurs.

What you need to do when completing hazard identification is to include the good-old and trusted basic checklists, which include such things as basic housekeeping. Look at it from a new employees point of view walking into your workplace – what do they see. Because that is exactly how potential customers will view your company. Are you professional, with well maintained and clean equipment? Such practices may mean for example reducing oil lying around on concrete floors creating a slip hazard, or corrosive material on equipment damaging the safety properties of the equipment. For a ladder, you are looking to make sure the mechanical workings are still functioning.

Sometimes it just takes an outsider to see the obvious. I had a recent client describe a contractor in the building doing some maintenance work. They lent the builder their rickety ladder and when I pointed out they would be liable for any injury, they immediately recognised the ladder was sub-standard. Do yourself a favour now – go and make sure all your equipment is functioning correctly, starting with ladder safety.