Farm Safety



According to the ACC, a farmer is killed every 28 days and more than 18, 000 injuries occur due to poor handling of animals, quad bikes or farm machinery. Roll over tractor accidents can kill or seriously injure with more than 300 major accidents every year. The ACC have put together a program for farmers which is worth a look, and the Aussies also have something to offer.

The video below brings home the personal impact of such major injuries. Garry Nichols survived a tractor rollover accident, but he describes the impact of the accident on him personally, his wife, friends and family. Gary was keen and bullet proof and was willing to take on the risk in order to succeed. However, after the accident Garry describes how his wife needed to keep the farm going (he wasn’t insurance) and how ‘the dream is now a nightmare’. The last third of the video then talks about some of the general lessons that can be applied to accident prevention.