Quadbike Safety Update


Department of Labour have released a new guide on Quadbike Safety.

The quadbike safety steps you need to know are summarised here:

·         Before you ride ask yourself whether the quadbike is the right vehicle for the job

·         Ensure riders are trained / experienced enough to do the job

·         Always wear a helmet

·         Recognise dangerous areas by establishing ‘no-go zones’  

·         Don’t carry passengers

·         Don’t let kids under 16 ride adult quadbikes

·         Check the operating condition of the quadbike before you ride

·         Keep quadbikes maintained in a safe condition

·         Keep within the manufacturer’s towing or carrying limits

·         Only use attachments designed for and compatible with the quadbike

·         Don’t do tasks that interfere with safe riding

·         Tell someone where you are going

·         Avoid use while fatigued or under stress.

·         Restrict unauthorised access to the quad bike.

In developing your safety system remember while you do not need to specifically follow the guide, if anything goes wrong you need a good reason why you did things outside of these guidelines.