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Hi, Tony Tikiku here. If you are looking for confidential, qualified support to get your workplace safety sorted, then I may be able to help you.

My Experience

I initially learned about safety while training as an Air Force pilot. I still remember my instructor saying to me by the end of the course, you will think differently. I did! Flying became a process of quickly assessing risks and taking action. All built on a foundation of systems and checks learned the hard way, over many years.

After flying the Hercules it was a natural fit to move into flight safety with the Air Force. However, I got interested in general Health and Safety. The military is full of risks given there are so many trades, tasks and work going on to support the more visible roles.

I pursued formal and any informal training opportunity, and was surrounded by professionals like Occupation Hygienists (I learned they don’t keep the workplace clean!), Environmental Health Officers and ex-DoL inspectors. I left the Air Force with excellent qualifications, experience and exposure to a range of Health and Safety workplace risks.

I then managed the ACC’s workplace Injury Prevention team. Our task was to write the programs that would help businesses in New Zealand remain safe. My biggest learning was to use data to focus on the right risks. Safety can be somewhat emotional, and businesses need to focus on the things that can hurt people and deal with those issues – and not necessarily the ‘squeaky wheel’. And of course, how the ACC can provide discounts for a business on their ACC levies, with the right safety systems in place.

My last role was as a portfolio manager with the newly established WorkSafe New Zealand. My team wrote the guidance and Codes explaining how and what people should do to remain safe in their workplace. I had great exposure to what WorkSafe are looking for and expecting from businesses.

I left WorkSafe to build Safety Hub. My aim is to help people like you who just want to get their workplace safety sorted.

Tony Tikiku

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Graduate Member (GradNZISM) of NZISM.

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