Safety Photos and Safety Images


Safety Photos and Images can help spice up your internal marketing. Everybody responds to a laugh, and as long as no one is hurt, the stupidity of what other people are doing can teach us all. And humour is one of the best ways to help teach your safety message. But there are a few basic rules.

·         Keep it simple. Don’t crowd your bulletin board with lots of different pictures. Similarly, ensure the safety photo or safety image has a message that is easy to understand.

·         Reinforce the image with some more specific tools that will help the more curious. Capture their eye, get them engaged, and then provide then detail. While the best picture will subscribe to the ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ concept, they are hard to come by.

·         Keep it fresh. Rotate the images and messages so that people start to look forward to the next safety photo.

·         Get employees involved. Ask them to submit their own photos. Recreate an accident; have them write it up and take a safety photo. Give them a digital camera for the week and see what they can come up with.

While safety is a serious business, having a laugh can be the best way to learn about safety messages. Try these Safety Photos and Safety Images websites for some ideas.