In the US, OSHA released it’s top 10 most cited violations for 2010. They were:

1. Scaffolding, General

2. Fall Protection

3. Hazard Communication

4. Respiratory Protection

5. Ladders

6. Lockout/Tagout

7. Electrical, Wiring Methods

8. Powered Industrial Trucks

9. Electrical, General

10. Machine Guarding

These violations make up nearly half of all violations.

In Oct 2010 the 2009 work-related OSH claims were released by the ACC.

In 2009 (all figures are provisional unless stated otherwise):

· Sprains and strains were the most common type of work-related injury claim.

· 94,400 claims were made for sprain and strain injuries (44 percent of all claims).

· 213,000 claims were made for work-related injuries.

· 71 percent of work-related injury claims were for males (an incidence rate of 142 claims per 1,000 FTEs), greater than that for females (73 claims per 1,000 FTEs).

· Workers aged 45–54 made more claims for work-related injuries than any other age group, with 50,100 claims (24 percent of all claims).

· Trades workers, plant and machine operators and assemblers, and agriculture and fishery workers made 48 percent of work-related injury claims.


If we could tie in the US with the NZ data, I am sure we would find NZ had a similar number of OSH violations to the US, and the US a similar injury category breakdown. New Zealand can learn a lot from leveraging off the OSH research of the larger countries.