Quadbike and Farmer Safety

In Australia a recent quadbike death promoted a public statement from the regulator, indicating concern around use of quadbikes on a farm. However, it was way back in 1999 that WorkSafe WA issued their first safety alert on the use of quadbikes.

In New Zealand, a Sunday Star article on the issue (paraphrased in this blog) kicked off the most recent public debate on the use of quadbikes. Wellington’s Coroner argued that the Government should make it mandatory to install roll bars and lap belts, however the DoL didn’t agree. While the DoL launched a Quadbike safety campaign in Nov 2010, they argue the installation of roll bars has no science proving any safety benefit (however I am watching for this work about to be published and will update idc). But more critically, riders are required to use their balance to control the quadbike, or ‘active riding’, meaning a lap belt could increase the risk. I have chatted to a few people and while not scientific, they support this concern about compulsory use of lap belts.

What to do? As a farmer and business owner/manager, get informed and prepared. Look at this DoL quadbike specific resource and make your own decisions. And keep an eye on this site for updates.