Sex Industry Workplace Health and Safety Guide

When New Zealand passed the Prostitution Reform Bill in 2003, the Government regulator led the development of a guide for workplace Health and Safety in the sex industry. Sex Industry – A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety in the New Zealand All workers in the sex industry have the right to come home from work safe and well and this guide will help.

The guide is a good reference source for sex workers, whether they are self-employed contractors or brothel owners. That is, it applies to all workers in the sex industry. What may be confusing is, what is a ‘place of work’. This is clear when talking about a dedicated brothel, but it also applies in the case of out call work. A home may also be a place of work however, the person whose home it is does not have the duties of a person in control of a place of work in relation to it.

For any business owner it is important to understand the nature of you ‘place of work’ and duties with respect to health and safety for employees and contractors.