Safety Conferences have a place in Training

Conferences can be one of the most valuable ways to increase your safety performance. When you have a limited training budget for your staff there are a number of things you can do. But it’s a compromise between time and money. The more money you have, the shorter the time need to spend learning the safety trade. For example, at one extreme you could engage a consultant to review your business and find out what exactly you need to know, and set up an appropriate training program. Or at the other extreme your business can set about employing someone and sending them on courses to learn and become accredited.

You need safety CPD

Regardless, some kind of ongoing safety core professional development (CPD) is required. Conferences and seminars are a great way to send people onto safety shorter ‘courses’ to maintain a watching brief on best-practices in the safety industry. While the attendee may only learn enough to pique their interest, they can then spend time and energy after the safety conference researching what generally are the cutting edge and leading innovations. Some of the best results are the networks gained. You will find people having similar challenges who will be able to give you a steer, or at least tell you they found worked for them – and what didn’t work.

Include safety seminars

Don’t discount the value of safety conferences and seminars just because they are not giving the attendee a credit or certificate at the end. Build a balanced safety training program which includes attendance at seminars and safety conferences.